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Beware of the Multivitamins

Multi tasking is the need of the hour, so they say!Others believe it should be avoided at all costs!Well, the arguments may continue as differences of opinion are obvious as no two individuals will think alike.

The other rampant topic on for debate is the intake of MultiVitamins. Unknowingly, many of you may conclude yourself that you are suffering from the deficiency of specific vitamins and might simply buy supplements from the drugstores, without any proper prescription or medical advise.

Supplements taken in the form of vitamins A and D can have adverse effects, further giving rise to unknown troubles. They can result in complications leading to liver damage, heart disease, or the loss of the functioning of the nerves, further leading to the risk of developing cancer.

No wonder they say too much of anything is bad. Experts also give the effects that help you identify whether the doses you are consuming are in excess. Most commonly, Magnesium consumed in excess can easily lead to diarrhea, B6 taken in excess will surely lead to a person experiencing restlessness, as it furthers heavy dreaming.

Similarly, an overdose of Vitamins B or B-complex is instantly reflected in the bright yellow-colored urine. However it may not prove dangerous to the health. In fact an overdose of Vitamin C can also result in diarrhea, in certain people, not all.

There is a Recommended Dietary Allowance; side effects of any drug may reach a dangerous level if the drugs consumed are at least 100 times above the recommendation. Seldom will people exceed the limit. Another drastic effect that may be caused is that some of these nutrients may 'block out' each other as the excess of one nutrient may require consumption of its correlated nutrient too, or it may result in some deficiency.

Leading scientists of well-known Nutrition Research Centers suggest the maintaining of a balance by consuming supplements in combination rather than in isolation. For instance, any zinc supplement may be taken in combination of a minimum measure of copper supplement too.


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