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Musically Afloat with key largo

Music therapists are of the opinion that for relaxing music, the key is largo. Largo is the music played at a slow tempo, which enables the reduction in one's heart beat, helps as a nerve soother, calming the body thereby healing it by itself. While selecting a good piece of music for soothing purpose, it is important to get one that is played at 60 beats per minute. Faster music generally will not in any way aid in slow one's heart beat.

It is important to tap the largo section in each piece of music. There are several composers, who have largo sections in many of their compositions. The only problem being that these sections are only for a few minutes. May be one can find plenty of specially-made-tapes for longer listening, or can also order them from other known sources.

Largo tapes, along with several other tapes or recordings of 'chants' are recommended as a remedy for several health conditions, since they calm one's jangled nerves and play an important role in maintaining the precise heartbeat.


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