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'Humming' to keep stress at Bay

Most of us are probably fond of music, but do not have that confidence to go and sing on stage. We cannot put all the blame on the vocal chords. It all depends on the fondness you have for music.

A lover of music is easily found as he keeps on humming one of his favorite tunes, oblivious to his surroundings.

Why not benefit from the most versatile gift that we have received , our 'vocal chords?' Many experts believe that we can be our own therapist if we take the advantage of our vocal chords to enable us massage our body, thereby proving it as the most powerful healer of all.

There have been suggestions from experts on sound therapy, who recommend a process called 'toning', that involves the making of elongated vowel sounds. They believe that the vibrations produced in these tones help us in relaxing, further easing stress and balancing of the mind and body.

Several simple-to-follow-steps in toning:

First and foremost, sit comfortably in a chair. The left side of the brain is supposed to be more rational that controls thought. It may be questioned to explore the vowel sounds for ten minutes; it may find this kind of exercise quite intriguing, challenging and a novelty.

It is time to close your eyes and focus on listening. After taking a deep breath, start humming a 'soft' and 'resonant' sound. Do not bother about the volume or the beauty of the sound. Steadily make an attempt to sense the vibration of the sound in your chest and head.

Make a further attempt to allow the sound to rise and fall,naturally and effortlessly. Next place your hands on your cheeks so as to in order to let them feel the sound. Try listening with your hands and not with your ears. The toning can be continued with the hands, feeling your face and skull for five minutes.

Now try and relax your hands and tone on just one sound as aah! May be for another five minutes. Once finished, you will realize the relaxation that your mind, body and breath, experience.


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