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The sound of Music

People staying in the urban areas get so accustomed to their 'noisy' surroundings that they are unable to sleep without that that 'droning' sound in their ears.

This may not be in case of several others who get desperate for a moment of peace and tranquility in serene surroundings. They take the aid of their favorite music, which they prefer to enjoy in a den in solitude, soothing their nerves. This is enough evidence to prove that music can also prove itself to be one of the relaxation techniques. People end up buying relaxing music tapes from shops that are commercially produced.

The supposed to be calm and soothing voice recorded in the tape may not necessarily help to soothe your nerves. Instead of helping you relax, these commercially produced tapes might increase your frustration as it may not produce the desired results.

After all, let us face the fact. How can we expect a person, unknown to us, design that pattern of music, which we take pleasure in listening to? The most sensible solution, as also suggested by experts, is to make a tape of your own choice by recording all the possible sounds that will help you relax adding your own voice if you want to make it more personal and soothing.

Psychologists believe that such tapes also guide you giving the necessary directions in the head. You may record your own voice in a calm and soft manner that you find ideal, like say reading out a script, adding it with some background music. There may be gaps in the tape that gives you some time to digest the instructions.


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