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The quick way to relax

One of the dire necessities for the mankind today is to experience a sense of inner peace of mind.

It is mandatory for man to pause, think and reflect upon a certain way that can help him to make changes in his life as well as his daily routine. The solution is the adaptation of a few relaxation and meditation techniques, which can do wonders for the body and soul.

Get rid of that Smoke: It is extremely important to get rid of that addiction of smoking before it gets rid of you. Smoking not only increases the risk of heart disease or lung cancer,it further triggers the stress hormones in the body. The only solution is Quitting. Only then will a person feel more relaxed and less stressed.

Cut down on caffeine: The most favored method to stimulate one's senses is the habit or say addiction of tea,coffee,cola,chocolate and other foods as well as beverages with a high content of caffeine. Unknowingly, caffeine only triggers stress, therefore should be avoided at all costs.

Go the carbs way: It is indeed more beneficial to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables that are packed with complex carbohydrates. The consumption of baked beans, apples, trigger the release of those hormones that will quicken your pace on the road to relaxation.

Sweat and glow naturally: Just as food is a basic need for our survival, so is exercising regularly. The most rudimentary factor in relaxation, a good work out enables a person to lower anxiety, keep depression at bay and boost one's self esteem. One of the most effective way is walking for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day.

A smile improves your face value: Each one of us is so engrossed in the daily routine that we often forget to add humor that may enable not only ourselves but also others around us to get relieved of stress, momentarily and laugh. As a person laughs, it triggers the release of endorphins, the chemicals present in the brain creating euphoria.

It helps to suppress the production of cortisol, the hormone generated by stress indirectly giving rise to blood pressure. Increase in the blood pressure is triggered by the retaining of salt in your body. The best solution therefore is to find all the ways and means to hunt for that most wanted humor in your life.


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