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Massage the blues away!!

When does one feel that a wonderful massage is required to drive all those blues away? Well, it all depends on the professional pressures at times physical at other times the mental ones causing more stress in an individual. Massage is a relaxation technique that enables an individual to regain normalcy after a day's hard work. Should everyone have a massage?

When and how frequently should one have a massage? When should anyone have a massage?

Not every answer depends on 'perceptions' of course!

Having a 'proper' massage at a famous spa would be a dream-come-true for most. After all 'money' matters and so does the 'availability' of time.

It is strongly believed by most massage therapists and naturopathic physicians that a massage is a must especially when one is feeling extremely stressed out, fatigued, or facing muscle soreness.

A person is cautioned against having a massage in the following conditions:

Several experts are of the common opinion that massage should be avoided at all costs ,if they aggravate the existing situation of an individual. It is sensible to consult your physician prior to having a massage, in case you are facing any of the below mentioned ailments:

In case of a person suffering from high blood pressure or a heart disease, massage may do him good and may improve his condition,all this depending on the doctor's opinion. It would not be advisable to massage in case of open wounds, infections as a result of a cut, injury etc.

In case of a sprain or strains, it is sensible to wait for 24 to 48 hours before having a massage on the affected area. The interval of the time prescribed may benefit diminishing of the inflammation.

It can be particularly dangerous to have a massage in case of a pre-existing skin condition or a disease that is contagious, as massaging will only spread the same to the entire body. In the case of certain circulatory problems or phlebitis, an existing blood-clot might break free.


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