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Selecting the right tools

It requires quite some effort to prepare a delicious as well as smooth cocktail. However powerful the machine, it is next to impossible to obtain a fine liquid apart from the pulp. Most commonly what is obtained is a mushy paste, as compared to the traditional but perhaps more effective squeezing method used for the citrus fruits, which does not work in case of vegetables.

What is desperately needed then is an electric juicer, available in most department and health stores, that come in all ranges. There are people who have ended up buying practically every available juicer in the market.

Most commonly juicers come in variations, but are centrifugal in nature. Juicers are of two major types:the masticating type, that churns the fruit into a paste, squeezing it through a screen ;the centrifugal type that chops and spins the fruit in the rotating mesh basket, separating the pulp and the pulp. Most health food stores sell both the models of juicers as both are fast as well as effective. The departmental stores mostly sell the centrifugal type.

What is important to be kept in mind is that the model should have a minimum of 0.4 horsepower. Though costlier, it will long laster for as many as 20 years, opine some experts.

Finally, it is to be checked that the juicer should be easy-to-clean. Naturally the fewer parts it has it will make the operation and the maintenance, smoother and easier and does not make the task tedious or time consuming.


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