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Once the products are selected to make juices of your choice, it is advised by many a nutritionists that they are to be used and consumed soon enough. Several guidelines have been suggested below, as per the opinions of nutritionists.

The fruit or vegetable selected ought to be thoroughly scrubbed with a brush prior to juicing. Non organic products can be soaked in tepid water with a drop of pure castile soap, that is available in most health food stores. The other option is a drop of dish washing liquid added to a bowl /sink of tepid water.

In case the fruit /vegetable has been waxed, it surely be peeled before juicing. Presence of wax makes it practically impossible to remove pesticide residues from the skin, although it won't hurt.

All the seeds and pits are to be removed, especially when you are not using a juicer that is meant for citrus fruits,it's advisable to peel them before juicing.

A toxic is present in the skin of oranges as well as grapefruits, which is an active ingredient in most household cleaners. It is rich n vitamin C and flavonoids, hence it is advisable to leave as much white and pithy part as possible.

It is always advisable to cut fruits and vegetables into small pieces convenient for the jar of the juicer. Also avoid using any such parts that look damaged or pressed, as they will have no nutritive value in them, spoiling perhaps the taste of the juice being extracted.

Many a times we buy fruits or vegetables that have their greens still attached to them. Take the full benefit of these by washing the stems as that of beet greens, are a valuable source of minerals. Two exceptions are carrot and rhubarb greens whose stems can be toxic.

Fruits like bananas and avocados, which have minimal water content, become difficult to juice. In case they have to be added to a juice recipe, the moister products need to be juiced initially , followed by the processing of banana or avocado , after peeling them.

The fruits that are imported should be avoided at all costs as they invariably contain more harmful pesticide than the ones locally available. If they have to be used in substitute of non availability of fresh fruits /vegetables,be sure to peel them.

Last, not necessarily the least, the juices should preferably be prepared with a ready-to-serve objective in mind as they lose their nutritive value in case of refrigeration.


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