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Interacting with A Leprechaun

Many a times you must have experienced a splitting headache. There is the feeling of someone trying to squeeze in a jelly jar. Undoubtedly, it is another killer headache. If you shut your eyes tight and take a deep breath, you may realize that it is all the doing of a naked leprechaun, who is busy twisting a tight band around your head .The pain becomes unbearable.

What is the remedy? The answer lies in one simple solution that is interacting with him.

The leprechaun is commonly believed to be just a symbolic image of one's symptoms with whom one can interact easily. It is possible that upon inquiring the reason behind his being there, the leprechaun actually talks back. He is supposed to be aware of all the stresses that the mind is going through. He is actually very concerned about your well-being which is why he ties that band around one's head. They say, a leprechaun has the art of negotiating with the human thereby working out a solution to the existing problem. The more one tries to convince the leprechaun about the changes one can bring in one's routine for the benefit of his health, the more will the leprechaun loosen its hold. For instance one may vow that meals will not be skipped anymore, sleep will not be deprived anymore,an extra hour will be put in for the formation of physical fitness. Surprisingly, with several interactive sessions with the leprechaun, it may disappear altogether for good. What is important is the amount of reliability and the faith in the practicing of the promises made.

Experts believe that symbolic images can take many forms. A symbolic image can actually have many forms, shapes, color,light etc. It is known to have very fanciful effects, depending on the magnitude of the belief one has. However images can also be literal, in the sense that literal images are anatomically correct as compared to symbolic images. It is very natural therefore when a person who is suffering from migraine has the images of the blood flow as being normal. Ultimately only our conscious mind will tell us which of the imagery is useful. Rely and trust your intuition that will assist you in making a choice.


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