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Ways to perform an Enema

Enema is commonly regarded as as one of the oldest water therapies used in the curing of mostly ailments such as: constipation and severe headaches occurring as a result of the much dreaded migraine. The use of enema aids in the cleansing of the lower colon . It has known to have relieved the pain to quite some extent, where the other remedies have failed. In order to make it more effective, it is essential to use it in a combination of 'fasting' so as to eliminate the release of toxins that are associated with the fast.

The Procedure:

An enema bag is available in most pharmacies. The bag can be filled with lukewarm water, ranging from a quart in case of children ten years of age or older, to an adult that can use 2 quarts. For younger children just a pint may be used. It is advisable to avoid giving children, under ten years, more than a single enema. In the case of children, the water absorbed can cause blood sodium to drop below the safety line. This condition is commonly identified as hyponatremia.

he enema can be effective if taken on the toilet seat. First and foremost, it is necessary for the anus as well as the end of the enema tube to be lubricated,with some kind of lotion oil. The bag can be held 3 feet above yourself, and then insert the tube 1 inches to 2 inches deep, into the anus. Once the tube has secured its position,the valve may be released to enable the free flow of water into the colon. After holding the solution for a few minutes, it can be released into the toilet.


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