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Practicing Hydrotherapy at Home

In order to practice hydrotherapy at home one does not require any specific kind of equipment. Hydrotherapy experts feel that these treatments are simple and cost befitting. What is important to be noted is that, in this type of treatment,the time duration of the application and the temperature of water can surely depend on the kind of condition for which the patient is being treated. It is convenient to check the temperature with the help of a regular oral thermometer.

A number of health related ailments can be easily cured with the help of baths and showers. Where hot baths help in reducing pain in the joints, as well as the pain resulting due to respiratory problems and constipation, cold baths help to reduce fever and and helps keep fatigue at bay; herbal baths are popular for relaxation and skin care.

The other method followed is the Neutral baths, in which the entire body of a person is immersed in the water up to his neck, the water being slightly cooler as compared to the temperature of the human body. The person may be kept for around 20 minutes, water may be added in order to maintain the temperature of the bath. Such treatments are commonly used to cure various ailments including menopausal flashes, emotional agitation and insomnia as well.

In order to ease pain caused due to infection in the pelvic area, Sitz baths are effective. The person is made to sit in a sitz tub or a large basin in such a manner that the pelvic area is completely submerged up to the navel. The normal water temperature required, differs from 40 degree to 85 degree F, which may be increased depending upon the severity of the pain. The person may be made to sit for 2 to 5 minutes or longer, to experience relief from anal fissures, hemorrhoids or vaginal irritation. The effect of cold sitz baths can be also seen as effective in improving the pelvic muscle tone in case of those suffering from stress incontinence.

Another effective method undertaken in order to improve circulation in the pelvic area is the contrast sitz baths that help in reducing the pain and increasing the speed of healing vaginal and urinary tract infections as well as for treating ovarian cysts. The method undertaken here involves the using of two separate basins of hot and cold water .Initially the person may soak himself for 3 to 4 minutes in hot water , which may be followed by 30-60-second cold soak. The same process may be repeated at least three to five times. Make sure that the end is always made with cold water.

The cure with the help of foot baths is not restricted to easing the pain caused by tired and aching feet. The swelling in the legs and feet can be reduced by alternate hot and cold baths. Hot foot baths are also known to have an impact on easing the pain caused by head and chest congestion, menstrual cramps, congestive heart failure, as they aid in diverting the flow of blood from the affected areas .It is important to soak in comfortably hot water whose temperature is 110 degree F, for at least 10 to 30 minutes. Hot water may be added as and when required, however, in the end the feet may be rinsed with cold water.

If there is a need to increase the circulation of blood, the most effective method that can be effectively adopted is the cold mitten friction rubs that involves the rubbing of skin vigorously with either a towel or a mitten that has been dipped in cold water, thereby fortifying the immune system. This method is essentially followed in enhancement of the person's cure from bronchitis, pneumonia, or chronic fatigue syndrome. The fist can be used to rub the other arm in similar vigorous circular motion, that can start with the fingers and end at the shoulders. The process can be repeated by frequently dipping the cloth in cold water.

In case of respiratory problems such as bronchitis and pneumonia, the breathing can be brought to normalcy by steam inhalation. It is beneficial in in loosening the mucus that is accumulated in the chest. The steam can be inhaled from a pot of boiling water . Of course it is essential that the pot may be removed from the gas and the water, allowed to cool a bit. Immediate exposure to the boiling water may result in scalding a person's face or the respiratory tract.

It is important to hold the face at a distance of, a foot from the pot and having the face,head and shoulders covered properly with a towel in order to trap the steam. The process may be continued for an hour by reheating the water as and when required.

Another cure for respiratory problems is the application of hot compresses. Such hot compresses are also helpful in the reduction of pain arising from muscle spasms and particular types of arthritis. A large bath towel can be used to prepare a large compress for the chest, which can be rinsed in almost-boiling water and then rinsed and spread over a dry towel on the chest. The process may be repeated , the towel can be rinsed and placed at a regular interval of 5 minutes, every two hours.

Certain ailments like gout, swelling from bruises or sprains may be cured with the aid of cold compresses. Experts suggest that excess use of cold compresses may result in damaging the skin, so it is to be used for not more than 20 minutes. Circulation can be stimulated by alternating hot and cold compresses .They also help in healing sprains, joints and muscle injuries. Initially it can start with three to four minutes of heat followed by 30 to 60 seconds of a cold one. The process can be repeated 3 to 5 times but has to end with a cold compressor.

Though labeled as heating compresses, these are in fact cold compresses. These are covered with a layer of dry cloth. They are not removed till the body heat returns to normalcy, in some cases they are left overnight,This method can quicken the speed of healing, encouraging a flow of nutrient and oxygen rich blood, that may be the result of sore throat,ear infection,chest colds joint pains as well as certain digestive problems.

Another remedy working on similar principles as the heating compresses is the body wrap or wet sheet pack. This kind of treatment requires the assistance of another person. It is more effective in cases where a person is generally suffering from high fever, or undergoing a detoxification program, being treated for excessive drinking or smoking problems .The person's body is wrapped in a cold and wet sheet , covered with a woolen blanket , whereas the feet are kept warm with the aid of a hot foot bath or or with the aid of warm blankets. The pack is removed, once the sheet dries according to the body temperature. Even if the sheet is removed after a long time it does not matter as it only encourages a person to sleep better in a relaxed manner.

The salt glow is another remedy in which the use of sea salts or Epsom salts is made to rub the body vigorously , thereby enhancing the circulatory system. Commonly recommended as a preventive medicine, it benefits those undergoing a detoxification program. Before the rub is initiated make sure that the body is damp; massaging the skin with damp salts,can be started from the arms, legs, back,shoulders and abdomen including the hands and the feet. On an average, one to two pounds of salt may be consumed by the entire body. The salt glow may enable the body to perspire, inducing deep and sound sleep. Salt rubs may be avoided in case of a sensitive skin or skin rashes.


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