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Effectiveness in Remedies Applied

It becomes extremely essential to increase the efficiency of any homeopathic remedy. Given below are a few tips on the same:

Most importantly, care should be taken to keep the remedy in a cool and dark place preferably away from direct sunlight, n temperatures exceeding 100* F. Its effectiveness may be marred if it comes in contact with other items such as perfumes or mothballs that have a strong odor, advise several homeopaths.

Keep it away from coffee,as it has certain oils in order to add to its flavor that may affect the remedies opine other homeopathic physicians.

They advise to avoid the usage of lip balms,facial creams and other products that have camphor content in it,that may play a role of erasing its effectiveness.

It is also advisable to avoid the using of mint -flavored toothpastes or mouthwashes for half an hour prior to and after the remedy as suggested by dentists, oral surgeons as well as homeopaths. Similar to camphor, mint can prove to be an anti dote to remedy. However it is safe enough to use homeopathic toothpastes, available in many health food stores, that can be safely used along with homeopathic remedies.

It is also advised to avoid the usage of electric blankets as their use may result in disturbing the functioning of the nervous system, indirectly marring the effect of the remedy.

Certain remedies have a slower effect along with the use of electric blankets, the causes however, remain a mystery yet to be solved. Not more than 3 doses of a remedy needs to be consumed unless the same is prescribed. One can also cease the use of remedy as and when there is an improvement felt, the reason being the after effect that may actually cause the revival of the symptoms that one is attempting to cure.


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