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Incredibly adaptable Herbs

Good News! You do Not need a green thumb to raise a crop of herbs, as experts believe herbs are incredibly adaptable. As a general rule, as compared to a vegetable garden, the herb garden requires lesser attention.

Most of the herbs require an ideal amount of sunlight for almost six to eight hours. As compared to vegetables and flowers they require lesser water. In case of drought conditions, they may need to be watered, the gardeners may start small. At first an estimate is made as to the possible time that can be spent in gardening, obviously depending on the size of the garden. Next step includes an estimate of the total space available, the space to be alloted to the herbal garden, the type of soil it has and the climate required by the herb.

It is recommended that the urban dwellers, may utilize a back porch or window box garden in case of lack of plots or space. A herb garden may ideally include feverfew, peppermint, rosemary, chamomile and lavender. Several herbs thrive in pots so the magic of the garden can be brought inside during winters. Note two important things while you grow herbs in pots: It is necessary to water them before the soil dries out and before the leaves yellow and fall off. It is advisable to use a soil that is a bit alkaline, having good drainage.


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