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Cooking or Overcooking of Vitamins?

Most of you may be slaving over a stove of vitamin-packed vittles, fully believing that you are actually cooking them. It is commonly observed that most of the vitamins and minerals are inactivated by heat; by heating and by cooking them for a longer time you may be actually depriving yourself of nutrients, naturally obtained in the food.

“The key to getting the most nutrients from whatever you're cooking is not to overcook it,” opine scientists and professors of foods and nutrition. It is advised to go for the shortest cooking possible with the least amount of water, whether you're cooking in or on a stove, microwaving or steaming.

Baking and roasting are probably the worst of cooking methods as they take the longest; broiling and grilling also require high heat. Nutrient wise stir-frying is highly recommended, as it is one of the quickest cooking methods. It is also essential to to maintain a short order while preparing a short order, while preparing foods for cooking. According to nutritionists, if vegetables are chopped two hours prior to eating, they lose a lot of oxidation further causing the destruction of the vitamins. Pick your vegetables just minutes before you plan to prepare them.


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