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All you ought to know about Beef and Meat

With the growing awareness on the need to have a Good Health, people have become more and more conscious of their eating habits. There is simply no harm in eating beef or meat, provided the amount of fats used in cooking them do not exceed the limits making one worry about the cholesterol level.

Whenever beef has to be chosen, it is advised to have the type that requires minimum of fats to be added. A standard serving of 3 ounce of serving is supposed to have approximately four grams of fat, less than half of the amount in a 1-ounce serving of Cheddar cheese. It is claimed that it contains 69 milligrams of cholesterol, regarded the lowest for meats as well as containing a good source of zinc, iron and other nutrients. Other products such as tip round bottom and top sirloin are also comparatively lean and high in these nutrients.

When the skin is neatly removed, turkey breast and chicken breast are regarded as poultry prizes. Where turkey has less than 1 gram of fat and 83 milligrams of cholesterol, chicken has 3.6 grams of fat and 85 milligrams of cholesterol. Pork tenderloin remains with the first priority when it comes to 'white meal', whereas among lamb cuts, leg shank is the leanest choice.


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