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People identified under this category are generally known for their wittiness, resourcefulness and creativity. Being associated with the elements of air and space, vatas are considered to be agile, active and alert. They are associated with the wind thereby sharing its qualities as being light and exuberant. Vatas are quite romantic and soft at heart. Not too good at managing money; vatas are cautious , physiologically regarded to be thin with curly hair and dry skin, with prominent bones.

Blessed with too much of vata people tend to be more spacey and shirk away from their responsibilities and other earthier aspects. Vata is generally based in the colon; vatas are prone to conditions such as flatulence, tics and twitches, nerve disorders dryness in the skin and hair,constipation and anxiety.

It is essential for a vata to follow a routine in order to maintain good health. The use of drugs, alcohol and sugar should strictly be avoided at all costs. A vata is strictly advised to stay away from cold foods as well as raw foods,but salads and other raw vegetables may be had in the warmer season, when the digestive fire referred in Ayurveda as Agni is believed to be the strongest. Coastal and warm climates create a conducive atmosphere for the vatas.


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