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Blessed with all the strong characteristics, pitta people are identified as possessing a strong will-power with a fiery determination to achieve their goals at any cost. Supposed to be highly ambitious and full of enthusiasm, pittas are capable of working under pressure and can be extremely capable of handling emergencies. Almost close to an extremist, however, pittas can easily lose control and may react sharply or sarcastically.

Commonly recognized by their red or blond hair and freckles or at times having grey hair too at some times or even dark hair. Known to have a strong metabolism, they manage their weight with proportion to their height. As it is based in the intestine, pittas tend to have an efficient digestive system. Pittas are followers of “trend”, they earn very well,with little efficiency of saving the same as they are good spenders.

Summer is commonly identified as pitta season, giving a pitta tough time as he may suffer from sunburn etc., and may be prone to burning sensations as ulcers. Inflammations and irritations such as conjunctivitis,colitis and sore throats are more frequent with a pitta. A pitta woman may face hot flashes at menopause.

It is generally safer for a pitta to adopt a diet regime that includes cooling foods including cottage cheese, mint tea, oatmeal,basmati rice as well as sweet-tasting fruits. It is advisable for them to avoid spicy foods as it may only aggravate his 'natural fire.'

Preferably pittas should live in cool surroundings where the climate will favor them;they prefer not to follow a routine for meals, as a result, sometimes even end up skipping meals.


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