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Commonly identified as being relaxed, tolerant as well as for their loyalty and wisdom, kaphas are usually well grounded and readily accept change. Because of their flexible nature they have a large circle of friends being sober and blessed with a good sense of humor. In absence of energy, however, there may be a drastic change, resulting in their becoming unbelievingly self-centered and possessive. Certain characteristics that they possess may become an obstacle in their path as they have a tendency to live in the present. They are deeply attached to people, which may prove an obstacle in their spiritual path.

Their energy level gets a boost in the winter and early spring .They are prone to succumb easily to certain diseases that are rampant in the cold season and makes them suffer from cold, flu ,sinusitis and headaches. As they frequently suffer from many allergies , their metabolism becomes sluggish, they retain water and they fall prey to a lethargic feeling, with a tendency to gain weight easily.

If taken seriously, there are chances of their avoiding the trauma, by eating sensibly and exercising regularly. They are blessed with a natural gift of endurance and stamina that may enable them to live long healthy lives. An ideal kapha diet lays emphasis on pungent, stringent foods bitter in taste. There is no harm in their consuming spicy food, as long as they abstain themselves from sweet foods and maintain a low-fat diet.

Financially, kaphas do manage to accumulate wealth being capable of making and saving money. They can easily thrive in the severest of conditions as that of a desert or mountains as long as the weather is moderate.


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