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Certain energetic imbalances that dwell in an individual are the major concern of the practitioners of Ayurveda. It may exist in various forms and may have to be carefully studied as to which conditions aggravate it-heat, cold, dampness or dryness,accordingly, the treatment differs. The treatment of Ayurvedic remedies can certainly help to nourish the tissue, loosen the stiff joints and thereby relieve pain. Another effective remedy is that of rubbing warmed sesame oil on the affected areas once or twice a day, followed by a hot shower of about 20 to 60 minutes. The adding of hot or spicy herbs such as cayenne, cinnamon and dried ginger to foods is also very beneficial in providing relief. For rheumatoid arthritis, the consumption of teaspoon yogaraj guggulu is recommended 3 times a day, with a little warm water. A tablespoon of castor oil can also be added to a cup of ginger tea to be had before going to bed. Ginger tea is commonly available in most health food stores.


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