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A severe chest pain due to ischemia- a lack of blood, thus a lack of oxygen supply, of the heart muscle, generally due to obstruction or spasm of the coronary arteries ( the heart blood vessels ) is commonly referred to as Angina; in Latin it refers to 'Infection of the throat.' One common fear that people have on experiencing this feeling is of having a 'heart attack.' The feeling that is experienced is similar to an attack, as it seems to grab your chest, draining out all possible energy out of your body leaving you breathless.

Millions of people may have experienced the trauma that an angina attack leaves a person in. Though the pain lasts for only 10 minutes, it seems to take 'forever.' The simplest message that is conveyed through this attack is that the body is getting insufficient oxygen.

If you have suffered from such an attack, it is imperative for you to immediately consult a medical practitioner. However, several health professionals have got together to list down a few natural remedies that are provided below, which may be considered along with the medical treatment.

Therapies for Angina :

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