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An issue of growing concern today is of 'management.' Be it finance, an event, stress or even ANGER, they all need to be managed and controlled as the consequences can otherwise be very drastic. Today, there are several such instances, difficult to pen down as every moment takes you to a new corner and opens up newer windows to irritate you further. The art of controlling one's anger and not flying off the handle is an art in itself; also essentially a warning to those with problems of high blood pressure.

It is commonly observed that when spouses suffering from high blood pressure, have heated arguments, it only aggravates their conditions as there is a consequent in the pressure of both. Carrying so much anger in the mind only hurts as there is more to anger than meets the eye. Several experts have put their heads together in concluding a few remedies, which certainly may be followed under the supervision of your doctor. Following them, might assist you in reducing that pent up anger which is actually affecting you the most.

Therapies for Anger :

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