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Identifying a form of ANEMIA is not an impossible task. It is most important to start practicing a change in the routine, that is by practicing an earlier bed-time. This may be the solution to those energy crisis you have faced till now. There is the full possibility that in case no amount of rest helps, it sure is an indication that you are having a form of anemia; that has probably oozed out all the energy out of your body, depriving the cells of oxygen. In such a case, most commonly, there is a reduction in red blood cells or lack of hemoglobin. Anemia can even can be a symptom that may pose a problem as serious as cancer.

Millions of people suffer from this nutritional deficiency of anemia usually caused by the loss of blood as a result of blood loss during an injury, an ulcer, hemorrhoids, menstruation in an extreme form or complications faced during pregnancy.

The deficiency of certain minerals and vitamins, as for instance lack of folate and vitamin B12, can result in nutritional deficiency anemia. It is advisable to immediately see your doctor who can prescribe the cause of anemia as well as the necessary course of action to be taken.

Therapies for Anemia :

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