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One of the most widely preferred remedy adopted by people all over the globe is the practice of the Yoga. Several yoga associations formed all over the world are generating the practice of various yogic postures that help to cure allergies. The underlying cause of allergies is the innumerable physical as well as psychological problems faced. The rise in allergies is all due to rise in illnesses or prolonged stress.

Yoga experts recommend the regular practice of various poses, meditation and most importantly the complete art of breathing correctly that will ensure the strengthening of muscles at the same time a gradual relief from those allergy-related-problems as poor sleep.

In addition to this the practice of the daily nasal wash is highly recommended by physicians and yoga experts. Nasal wash better known as neti , is especially beneficial for those suffering from sinus or other lung related problems as asthma. Draining of the nose, especially at night, aggravates the breathing problem in a person .The practice of the nasal wash helps the removal of pollen from the sinuses thereby strengthening the mucosal membranes.


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