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Acupressure made easier In 5 minutes

There is a growing desire amongst every individual to have an exercise regime, suiting his routine. Many of the exercises may enable one to, at the most, stretch his muscles keeping in check the blood circulation . How does one manage to keep one's energy system in shape? What enables one's chi to continue to flow? The one solution is the aid of 'acupressure.'

In order to make it more effective, the workouts related to acupressure must be carried out regularly or at least thrice a week. It is not very time-consuming either. Several acupressure points described in the related workout are explained further, given in the form of illustrations, by the experts in the field of Acupressure.

The following steps may be followed :

  • Sit straight in a chair comfortably with the spine in a straight position.
  • Locate the points(B23 B47) Sea Of Vitality, in the lower part of your back. The back of your hand should be placed along the sides of the spine. Make an effort to feel the warmth caused by the friction by rubbing up and down for a minute.
  • The middle and index fingers ought to be placed under one of the sided of the skull's base. Use the thumb of the same hand on the other side to press point (GB20), the Gates of Consciousness, at the skull's base.
  • Press the Third Eye slowly,the point (GV24.5)for a few minutes, prior to relaxing the other points.
  • Tilting the head backwards, try and be comfortable, drawing in gradual deep breaths, closing your eyes.
  • Continue breathing deeply at the same time make an attempt to locate the tension areas; this should further assist in realizing the tightness in any form of tension, that should be able to flow out gradually with each exhalation.
  • Strongly convince yourself that new energy is flowing inside you as you inhale taking deep breaths.
  • Now locate the point (CV6), the Sea Of Energy,with a precise width of three fingers below the navel, on the lower abdomen.
  • Allow your shoulders to relax but sit straight. Press this point with your eyes closed and continue breathing deeply for at least a minute.

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