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Human Mind is a storehouse of all possible tensions one can imagine. Today's world has become a rat-race where man has become more dependent on machines, leaving him with no time for human emotions and sentiments; whether his own feelings or the wishes of others, he has to prolong several such moments of happiness, thereby , knowingly or unknowingly becoming a slave to only monetary benefits, that give him temporary pleasures in life.

Today, man spends more than half of his income in consuming things that spoil his health and the remaining half, probably in the treatment of all those gnawing complications he faces, whether physical or mental.

He seeks the assistance of therapists that can provide him with the best possible treatment, preferably a drugless therapy.

One of the severest problems faced is that of- 'ACNE'... Mostly teenagers as well as adults fall a prey to it; the main reason being the consumption of fast-foods and the amount of soft-drinks that assist in the gobbling down, of the same.

Many a teenagers are seen with faces covered with pimples, whiteheads or blackheads; reasons may be endless. It isn't always the problem of only diet that one can hold responsible for it; the kid's reaching the stage of puberty can also result in the imbalance of hormones or in other cases the reason may simply be hereditary, stress, or even the monthly cycle in case of females, that leads to such imbalances.

The one-solution is pampering your skin with the utmost care possible. Start using oil-free face washes, avoiding the use of harsh soaps, oil based-cosmetics, most importantly follow a systematic health regime; the simplest solution being a brisk walk that will enable you to sweat, opening those clogged pores. Several other remedies as listed as below:

Therapies for Acne :

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