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Everybody is categorized into one of the three physical characters known as Ayurvedic Doshas. The excess in pitta doshas, results in a person having angry looking pimples that have a yellow discharge. The one solution in such a case would be the adoption of a proper diet that advises the abstaining from all those citrus fruits, fatty, spicy and oily foods, replacing it with the consumption of a diet that includes bland foods as oatmeal, basmati rice and apple sauce.

It is also mandatory to make 'cleansing' a part of your routine, ideally washing the face with the paste made out of chick-pea, adding it with some water or raw milk and scrubbing it off as it dries naturally.

Several others advise the use of almond paste to be applied in a similar fashion. One of the best and soothing creams that can help as a mask, after washing away the paste can be of sandal turmeric cream. Mostly available in most Indian stores, the application of the cream can be preferably made at night , as it can color the skin a faint yellow.

Another recommendation is the consumption of cumin, coriander or fennel tea, whether after breakfast, lunch or dinner. Water consumption at regular intervals can also be an excellent remedy for acne.


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