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A warm welcome to all our readers to the one-stop-solution of “Natural Herbal Guide”. An attempt made to bring under one umbrella, the perfect guide that can restore your immune system with the least number of side-effects, with the aid of Mother Nature's bountiful supply, delivered at your door-step as you go through each page. We fully trust that Health is man's wealth, what better cure could be there than healing it naturally?

Why do you think Homeopaths, nutritionists, massage therapists and Ayurvedic practitioners have been so convincing as alternative health practitioners, that they literally have folks flocking down more to the health food stores to buy the lotions, potions, herbs, teas, supplements, etc.

Strange but true is the growing faith of even medical practitioners, who are, as a matter of fact, pioneering the recommendation of natural drugless therapies that include Acupressure - healing with the magical pressure of the fingers, Aromatherapy - benefiting from the scents provided by Nature, Ayurveda - the old-is-gold concept proving its qualities, Flower remedies - in the form of that essential healing with an essence - quality, Food therapy - if you eat you can beat, Herbal therapy - unearthing the hidden secrets of nature, Homeopathy - one of the most convincing doses in small quantities that have far-reaching-effects, Hydrotherapy and its aquatic wonders, Imagery - you got to imagine to cure yourself, so hon your fantasizing-skills, Juice therapy-the right solution to squeeze back the good old days, Massage -the miracle only a healing touch can perform, Reflexology - the gentleness expected at-the-foot-too, Relaxation and Meditation - the stress - free life only you can convince yourself of, Sound therapy - for that sound health, Vitamins and Minerals - the supplements that come as pills to get-rid-of -ills, and the last but certainly the most approved of on date, they do it the yogic way, with the one solution - Yoga.

A perfect solution with all possible remedies is made available to you, as you unravel in detail about the natural products that were always at your disposal. They are used to gradually reduce the aggravated situation, curing steadily, which make them highly intriguing, interesting as well as popular agents. Once convinced, surely you may pass on this knowledge to others, who may benefit the way you did.

A comprehensive, simple, referenced compendium; a guide to self-care with the aid of alternative therapies...not to be mistaken as a medical guide, the suggestions given in this guide may be discussed with your doctor. A competent medical assistance is indeed recommended by us, as well. After all, it is all up to you as the reader to make the right judgment about the cure that you are convinced, suits you the best, which, however may not be confused with diagnosis of any ailment.

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